One of the most important attachments to your home or business is a garage. This addition allows you to protect your automobile and other stored possessions. Therefore, it makes sense to keep your garage doors in good condition.

Problems with a garage door may be in the mechanism or in the door itself. Mechanical parts can rust or simply wear out. Doors made of metal can become dented while wooden ones can become cracked or broken. Below are some suggestions regarding garage door problems that may occur.

1. Door Does Not Open

An electrical garage door opener is built with a power unit and an electric motor. The distance a door opens and closes occurs when the motor receives a command from a wall push button or remote control. Always check the battery in your remote control first. If this is not the problem you may have a bad switch. Check this by unscrewing the switch from the wall and touching the two wires together. If the door does not open, you usually need to buy a new switch.

2. Garage Door Mechanism

Keeping your garage door parts in good repair is the key to having your door work efficiently.

Garage Door Opener Maintenance
Centre track operated by the garage door opener

Do you hear a squeak or grinding noise when the door is moving? That is a sign that the door mechanism requires attention.

Greasing the chain and screw with a special grease and spraying the overhead springs with a lubricant spray will usually take care of the problem. These are available at most home improvement stores.

Garage doors are heavy. As a safety precaution, always work with the door down to avoid being injured by a door suddenly being released.

3. Garage Door Springs

The springs on a garage door recoil when the door is raised and extend when it is down. These need to be greased periodically if they are to work correctly. The two springs on a garage door, extension and torsion, must be replaced when they are broken. If a door is difficult to lift it is the sign of a broken spring.

4. Garage Door Rollers

Metal garage door rollers are located inside a sleeve attached to the door and have a tendency to corrode or rust. They are easily lubricated and inexpensive if a replacement is needed. A door that is difficult to lift indicates rollers that are stuck or broken.

5. Garage Door Tracks

Garage door tracks are what keep the door aligned properly. Loose tracks are dangerous as they can allow a door to fall without warning.
They are held in place by brackets that have to be parallel to each other to work properly and make sure the door is guided into its weather-stripping. Fortunately, these are not difficult to fix.

6. Other Parts Problems

Garage doors can also develop problems because of things like broken or worn hinges, cables, sensors,

Garage door opener sensor
Faulty garage door opener sensor

remotes or seals. Sometimes they may just need an adjustment, other times a complete replacement.

7. Garage Door Maintenance

Keeping a garage door in good condition cannot be over-emphasized. This means keeping the parts properly oiled as well checking for rust and worn parts. Engaging a company to check your garage periodically will help avoid the problems a garage lockout can cause. This could include interrupted plans such as going to work, keeping appointments, taking the children to school or other things.

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