The garage door is arguably the largest moving object in your home. It allows locomotion of you, your family and vehicles in and out of your home. It also provides security and also protects against the elements of nature. It should, therefore, be properly maintained and operated since it can pose a safety and security threat if neglected. If no caution is taken, the hazard of a moving garage door could lead to serious injury. There are some simple garage door maintenance tasks that you can do yourself and should perform on a regular basis. But the more complicated tasks such as garage door installation and garage door spring replacement should be left to the professionals.

It is recommended to educate your children to know that the garage door and its operating system are not items to play with. You should always consult the manufacturer’s installation and instruction manual for safety information about your garage door. Outlined below are some of the garage door safety and security tips for both young and old. It won’t cause any harm to review these tips with your entire household in order to keep everyone and everything safe and secure.

Garage Door Safety and Security Tips

• A garage door and the garage door opener are not toys. Ensure that the garage door opener control button or remote control are out of reach of small children. You should not allow children to play with the garage door or its opener button. They should also never stand or play near a moving garage door.

• Exiting or entering while the garage door is moving only looks good in the movies. You should not stand near or under a moving garage door as it can lead to injuries.

• While opening or closing the garage door, keep a close eye on the door until it is fully opened or closed. Make sure that no adult, child or animal tries to enter or exit while the door is moving.

• Watch your fingers while opening or closing the garage door. Never place your fingers between door sections as it may result in nasty injuries. If you are operating the garage doors manually, use the handles or the safe gripping joints. Consider installing garage door panels that do not pinch for your family’s safety.

• Proper maintenance is of utmost importance for the efficient operation of your garage door. Annual checks and maintenance by a trained professional are recommended.

The following are some of the pointers to ensure a fully functional, safe and efficient garage door:

Do Not Install a Garage Door By Yourself

Installing a garage door can turn dangerous and is highly discouraged if you are an amateur. The wrong installation can also lead to accidents. Call the trained technicians at New York Garage Doors for safe and secure garage door installation.

Replace Squeaky and Old Springs

The garage door’s springs are arguably the most important as well as dangerous part of the garage door system. If the springs wear out, they can break and result in accidents. If your garage door is a bit old, it is important to inspect and where necessary, replace the springs. Professional help is necessary as it might be dangerous to replace them yourself. Continued use of the garage door can result in squeaky springs, which doesn’t necessarily imply the springs are worn out. Use of a spray-on lubricant can solve the problem. If the squeaks persist, call a professional to check the springs.

Electric Malfunctions

The garage door uses electricity that can cause injury if mishandled. If the garage door malfunctions, contact a trained professional to come and perform a service.
A regular service and maintenance are required so that you and your family members can always be safe and secure. It is thus advisable to have a trusted garage door repair and  installation company near you that can be readily available and offers quality services. Companies that care for the safety of you and your family are hard to come by. New York Garage Doors is one of your caring partners when it come to ensuring the safety and security of your home and more importantly, your family.



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