Why Won’t My Garage Door Close?

If your garage door opener does not start moving, or it starts to close but then quickly goes up again, there may be an issue with the sensors on your garage door opener (you will likely hear a beeping sound from the motor). The sensors are designed to prevent the garage door from closing if there is an object obstructing the garage door (this is for safety reasons).

The first step is to clean the sensors to ensure there is no dust or dirt on them (like the sensors in the images below). If this does not solve the issue, you can gently try to move the sensors to face each other (sometimes they are moved out of place if they are accidentally knocked). The sensors must face each other in order to close.

Garage Door Opener Sensor   Garage door opener sensor not working

You can also check the wires from the sensors to the motor as naturally over the years they may break or become loose. If none of these solutions solves the issue, it is recommended to replace your garage door opener sensors. Call our technicians and we can install brand new sensors safely and test that your garage door is functioning as it should.

Why Should I Replace My Garage Door Opener?

Whilst a garage door opener repair will be cheaper than a replacement, there are some circumstances where we recommend a replacement. Firstly, there will be instances where the opener is beyond repair. Secondly, the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) law states that garage door openers manufactured before 1993 should be replaced as they do not contain the required safety features (including infrared sensors, external protection elements and more). All new garage door openers installed by New York Garage Doors meet the CPSC requirements.

When it Comes to Garage Door Safety- What Should I Look Out For?

There are a number of garage door parts or features that can increase the safety of your garage door, including:

  • Safety cables for your garage door extension springs: safety cables are designed to contain a broken extension spring if it is under high tension when your garage door is closed.
  • Safety sensors: safety sensors help to minimize accidents as they cut off the closing circuit to the garage door opener system if they detect an object is obstructing the door. For example, a family member may get caught under a closing door or a storage items that fell off a shelf gets jammed under the garage door. In these scenarios the door can be forced open because the sensors have cut off the closing circuit.

Our technicians are fully qualified to recommend and install the highest quality safety features for your garage door.


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