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Garage Door Opener Installation

As a trusted supplier of Liftmaster Garage Door Openers, New York Garage Doors offers professional opener installation services. Choose from a wide range of residential and commercial Liftmaster openers, to fit all needs and budgets.

Liftmaster Garage Door Openers

With innovative features and streamlined design, Liftmaster’s garage door openers offer superb performance. Built to last, it is no wonder Liftmaster is the leader when it comes to garage door openers.

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Garage Door Opener Remotes and Parts

With every new garage door opener installed, New York Garage Doors supplies a new garage door remote. We ensure all installed hardware and their remotes are fully functioning and always run a 25 point safety inspection. We also carry a wide range of new remotes should your current remote need replacing.

There are cases where your garage door opener can be repaired instead of replaced. New York Garage Doors carries all parts necessary to repair garage door openers. If you aren’t sure if your garage door opener or remote requires a repair or replacement, contact us for professional assistance.

Whether you live in Queens, New Jersey or Westchester, New York Garage Doors offers garage door opener installation across New York, and our technicians are always on call to answer your questions or book a free estimate!

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Recent Garage Door Opener Installation Work

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